I want help in set_exception_handler and set_error_handler and Logs system

hello ,

please i want from any one have experince in errors and exceptions handling in php

to explain to me simply idea to make Logs and exception system to use it in my scripts , and how i make use of set_error_handler and set_exception_handler functions in this ??


hello ,

thanks , i understood now idea of errors handler and exception handler ,
i found this article , it’s very good :

now … i understood that it’s better to use error handler instead of Exceptions handler , because Exceptions handler is slow and take more memory …etc

and from my tests , i found that i can use only error handler on my script , so am i ok ?

oohh i puzzled :S … now i don’t know what to use for handling errors in my script ?

does i use Error_Handler ? or i useException_Handler ?

any help plz :blush: