I want a new project! (aka: Sagewing is thinking out loud)

Actually, that’s very interesting TKE

1. Automated Printing Services
I know someone who is taking their printing services to the next level. They can print high end material that most printing companies can’t. They have facilities in Cali, NY, China and other places. In 30 days they’ll be starting a site to automate the entire process. They’ll be selling this automated process as a service, where you essentially can purchase their website/system and simply add in your logo and color scheme. You get wholesale prices on everything, and they offer tons of options.

For instance the cost of 1000 high quality business cards, 14 pt. stock quality 300 DPI printing, UV coating, and some other jazzy stuff, costs $30 or less this gets marked up to $110-$150. Some business cards they sell costs $350 retail per 1000, this wouldn’t be for all your clients though. It’s not just cards, but flyers, brochures, folders, specialized portfolios, packaging for phones, manuals, high resolution pages for magazines, door knob hangers and so on and so forth. The selling point is quality and you can leverage the price because it’s cheap. Send some sales associates out for like 10% (lol) or 50% of profit for a few months and then customers will be making all their orders online and you would hardly have to deal with anyone. Printing packaging makes a good deal of money…

2. Adult Site (you mentioned entertainment)
If you got a lot of time for SEO you can get a PR4 in about 7 months. A few friends and myself were joking around over the summer and created a site, it was generating $350+ a month before we got too busy with running our companies. I still think it could of gotten to $1000/month because this type of stuff grows fast due to return customers. The selling point on this is uniqueness. For instance, we custom coded and designed a site that had an interesting filter system where people could narrow down the exact type of video they were looking for, it was a tube site. We also custom coded back-end system to plug in advertisements.

The advertisers simply gives you a code, or the person who wants to buy a banner from can give you a link to the photo on their server, then it’s all plugged in and tracked. If you can break into that $1000 a month that’s not too bad on revenue for something that’s going to run itself long term, the ultimate goal though I would recommend is to sell something like this. The next best option is to just hire someone to make the updates a few times a week and just sit back to collect the checks. Getting paid via check is automated as well, you just swing by your P.O Box a couple times a month and boom there is a nice check waiting there for you. But if you have a wife and kids, probably not the best idea.

3. Facebook App for web developers

You could hire someone to create a Facebook Application that allows web developers to portal in and ask questions on some sort of system. Then you and others that have signed up could consult them. This could be taken onto a new level where people could connect with one another to post projects that they want to collaborate on or contract out. Maybe something similar to a forum but not quite, something rather unique. Just an idea and probably something similar exists but doubtfully in FB App form, just gotta be creative. FB apps can generate revenue if it’s useful or catches on.

4. MDS Project (Automated, Charity, Business)

I have a project idea that I started apart from my company and haven’t had time to finish. It can literally go two ways on how it can operate and I actually became indecisive on which approach to take. It’s based off of a Paterto Superior move where everyone involved benefits. It generates revenue for non-profit organizations and it’s an investment for businesses/individuals where they can end up with a service or revenue.

I have the layout finished, just needs a little added to it. And there is a system that will need to be coded. I received a quote from a local coder after getting a NDA signed to build the system I envisioned for $800 but if you know anyone that you can outsource you can build this system and do a whole lot more for $800. An affiliate system would be a good example of “a whole lot more”.

There is exactly $1 million dollars of service available that I believe will sell out within the first or second year. Even after the service is sold it will continue to generate revenue. Users will be able to sell or auction their accounts to other people if they choose, you then get a percentage of the transaction. Selling accounts is not what generates the main stream of revenue though. When I get time to document it a bit more and have the last bit of layout modified I’ll be selling this idea/documentation/layout for 25k-30k to anyone interested. I’d just like to see it get done because unfortunately I don’t have any time to save the world.

This text is rather vague so in a couple weeks when everything’s documented if you want to sign an NDA I’ll sling it over to you to check out. It’s one of those projects that if it succeeds, people will give you all sorts of praise and this and that for how you benefited society and the ways in which you became rich.

5. Consulting Liaison

Focusing on a niche market. You could create a service where people can bid solely on consulting projects, something like this bidonconsulting.com/ but improved a whole lot more. People are willing to pay for good advice and work, so there has to be something in there that can maintain that quality control or at least in the eyes of the consumer.

6. Virtual Business Cards

This may be something worth looking into. The market from it is not totally developed and it’s a growing industry. I wouldn’t see it generating a whole ton of revenue but it could be a system that runs itself and all these smaller projects add up. Just needs a system and membership fees. If you got a couple medium or big companies to sign up with your service it could be viral to an extent and essentially run itself.

Anyway trollie, there’s some ideas for you.

This has been a very interesting thread. I’ve been investigating Camtasia Studio and considering doing some training materials of my own (either to supplement my recently released book or to perhaps build a series of useful tutorials on the subject of web design in general). If Sagewing or anyone else does decide to pursue this further and want’s some content provided it’s certainly something I might be interested in following up on. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of producing useful media that is targeted towards the web developer industry, too. Having built a business around this space I am familiar with the market and I think it could do well.

It would need to be refined and evolved for this idea to become a ‘business idea’ rather than just a notion of creating something and selling it. I have been receiving tons of emails and PM’s and lots of people have ideas for a product or a service, but I want to build a product and service that is already engineered to serve a particular marketplace which we’ve already learned how to penetrate and compete in.

That said, I’m still considering another attempt to build a business around web development. This time, however, it would be information products (such as those discussed above) rather than a service. If a group of us were to get together and produce a coherent package that provided training and mentoring, etc. to web developers we could look for affiliate/ad revenue, subscription, upsells, etc. This could include everything from business mentoring to training on individual skills, downloadable templates, etc.

A small group of dedicated people could build enough value, I think…

Well there’s enough professionals in this place to make something outta anything (if you ask me) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure if enough interest was drummed up you could probably end up with a seriously high quality resource. :slight_smile:

I am doing it :smiley: Since I already started and I am talking to this TV Channel, I think that I should go a step further and make it come true :smiley:

Awesome, so we’re going to be on TV now? I’m not sure I have a face too suited to broadcasting :stuck_out_tongue:

Well then count me out - nobody wants a close up of my mug! :slight_smile:

With the amazing stuff they can achieve with CG, you could have all the imperfections photoshopped out :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

No. I have an actress that will do the job for me. I hate cameras. But I’ll do the content behind it. Anyway, I’ve said that they’re interested, no that there’s something definitive about it. Let’s see what happens :smiley:

Good luck with the project!

Thanks Deepson :smiley:

Heh thanks a lot. After seeing Avatar I think they could make me look good on TV, but I don’t have the budget!

Sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Wow I’ve received tons and tons of IM’s, PM’s, and emails from this thread! Thanks everyone! I have a handful of opportunities and relationships that I’m looking into.

Congratulations! I hope that you find the perfect project… Myself, I am trying to put somethings together until I contact anyone… Alex, you’re interested? Because I think that I’ll need as much help as I can get!

Look forward to seeing where this thread takes you (and anyone you decide to work with), there’s certainly been a great discussion to match your question!

I’m certainly interested in the whole training side of web design, what things did you have in mind? (you can send me a PM if you prefer to keep it under wraps) :slight_smile:

good ideas,just
do it

@sagewing: Definately! You need to tell us what you’ve decided to do! (when you’re ready, of course)

@Alex: I’ll pm you in a few days…not because I want to keep the secret… it is simply that I think it will be easier :smiley: