I used to

Hiya! :smiley: Please complete the phrase " i used to…" anything that you think completes that phrase. Okay let me start…

I used to sleep with my mum ever since now that im 22…:lol:

Maybe you don’t know what used to means…

I used to never eat sea food, but now I’ll eat sushi.

I used to use Google Feed Reader to keep up to date, I’m now using Twitter. I made the switch yesterday. :lol:

ok im trying to reason this out, u slept with ur mother until u were 22, or now that ur 22 ur sleeping with her? This is very unsettling, either way :shifty: :confused2

Yes?, what is with that? :shifty:

I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to do to.

Therapy much?