I think there's an error in my HTML coding somewhere causing alignment problems

Hey, I just realized last night that my website looks really weird when I opened it on the iPad. It’s moved all the way to the left.

After searching around for what may have caused this, I came across a possible solution saying that it may have something to do with the HTML coding. I’m thinking maybe it’s in the widget area.

There was a suggestion to use http://validator.w3.org/ to check for errors, and it returned 92 errors, and 50 warnings.

Now, my site has been working fine, and all the errors appear to be located within code that I copied and pasted (YouTube embeddings, add to cart buttons etc…). In other words, most of it isn’t even in the code that I actually wrote myself.

So I’m a little confused about how I would attempt to fix this problem if it was an html error.

My website is www.musicianlifestyle.com.

Any suggestions. Thanks!

Ugh…well I addressed the problem! It was in my “sidebar 2 widget”.

What the issue was is that, around every item that I display in my sidebar 2 (ebook covers, add to cart buttons, text, etc.), I use the <strong><center><font size = “4”> codes.

There was a few instances in which I didn’t end with </strong></center></font>, therefore one of those codes was never actually “ended”…something was either creating an infinite <center> or <strong> or <font size = “4”> loop.

Very basic problem! I probably didn’t even need to waste my time posting this post…but now this potential answer is there for people who may search this forum in the future.

I am happy you uncovered the cause of your problem, @bkelly301;.
Thanks for returning to update this thread with the solution.
That makes this a valuable source for someone else in the future who may be facing a similar problem.