I think i need a css hack for chrome only

Hi i have the following page i’ve been strugling for days now i’ve managed to fix so it works for safari and firefox now this what i keep reading about it
Chrome is built on Webkit (the same rendering engine as Safari) and parts of Firefox. but styling only looks the same on firefox and safari can someone help me fix my issue is if you look on my page the right hand side under the image ( view builders show homes you see a gap only on chrome can someone help me fix please cz i cannot understand they say chrome and safari the same what am i doing wrong?

Hm, the site actually looks more broken in FF than Chrome for me. Rather than think in terms of hacks for good browsers, recognize that there’s a better way to organize/write your code so that you don’t have problems with breaking pages. Can you give a screen shot of how you want the page to look?

I agree with ralph.m that there are better ways to do this. I also noticed this in your code:

[COLOR="#FF0000"]<link href="maintest.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />[/COLOR]

<div id="right_side_bar">

		<p class="property_search">PROPERTY SEARCH</p>
        <div class="price-drop-down">

You can only put a link like that in the <head> section of your site, not the body. I don’t know that this is actually causing any of your problems, but ensuring your code is valid and well-written is a good first step to getting it to display properly everywhere.

Hi all that other css head tags is just on the php inlude files just for testing i will remove after i finished with the styling all i want is to remove that gap after the view builders who homes so i want to move those fields select and anything else so that it fits nicely as the same hight as the video player height i’ve attached an example on how it looks on my chrome and how i want to look on all browsers

Unfortunately, while it might look fine on Firefox on your Mac, it doesn’t look fine in Firefox on my machine.

I can close the gap a bit by reducing my font size, but that still leaves me with the kind of gap you’re trying to cure in Chrome. I don’t think you’ll find a “quick fix”; rethinking the way your page is coded seems to be the best solution.

It’s not easy to get exact heights on the web, so it’s better not to rely on them. For me in firefox, the lower menu is the main worry.

Thoese menu divs would be better as LIs, but anyhow, the right margin on them is too big for my Firefox.

Hi thanks you’ll for the help yeah i think will need to try make flow all the way down or something without rely on the height thanks.

I’d also suggest running your HTML and CSS through the Validators. It will help you pick up things like

h1#logo { background-image:url(images/homeonfilm_logo.gif); 
nmargin-left: 10px; [COLOR="#FF0000"]<-- should be margin-left -->[/COLOR]
margin-top:-5px; }

Hi i’ve found a solution i’ve set the div wheer the image is position relative and the image position absolute; bottom:0; that placed the image at bottom and then i just cadded background to the the div so it got rid of the gap thanks everyone for all the help i am still working on the style yeah i will validate the site
thank you everybody