I only wanted marketplace credits for design contests - Are they not applicable now?


I got marketplace credits previously to use for design contests on SP, mainly just for logo contests.

Are these credits worthless for design contests now?
I can’t see design contest options in the marketplace…
Could someone let me know where I can use the credits I got for design contests here place.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m John,
I’m afraid that contests haven’t been hosted here at SP for years now.
Please contact our marketplace support people at support@sitepoint.com in order to organise a refund.

Ah ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunate, I thought the contests here were great.

There’s a small chance that your credits got ported over to 99designs.com … but design contests hasn’t been part of SitePoint since February 2008!

Thanks Matt for the reply :slight_smile:

I had a look there but I don’t think it is what I want.
I would like to see the quality of designers there and the fees for contests are very high for not knowing who are applying and what their designs were like, that’s something I really liked about SP, I could see the great quality designers here and knew any money in fees was well spent, thats why I preferred contests V. hiring 1 designer, even when the contests cost more.

I also know quite a few designers from here that I knew would enter a contest I was running and did good designs.

I would really like to do contests on SP again, will they be available anytime?
Id rather have credits for contests here.

I sent an email but haven’t heard back.



I sent an email on 31st October to that address but haven’t heard anything back, could someone check please :slight_smile:

It came from tmzmod at hot mail.com


Hi John,
That support queue is clear so it looks like your email has been lost in cyberspace.
I can see that you have 30 credits. I’ll have our support team contact you directly.
Sorry for the holdup.


Thanks very much fot the reply :slight_smile:

I still haven’t heard back, I also checked my junk mail folder.
Could you or someone check on this please?
An email was sent from my address and the online form.

Thanks once again!

No problem.

I had a response to my email from our customer support team so they know the situation. I’ll follow up for you now, but don’t expect to hear anything until the office opens tomorrow.

Thats great, thanks once again for the help :slight_smile:

Hi John,
Our customer support rep, JP, emailed you on Friday morning (Australian time) but hasn’t heard back. I have a copy of the email. Is it possible that they are going into your spam folder?

Hey again hawk :slight_smile:

I just checked but I still don’t have any emails.

Could you or someone else please send it to cfc _ bhoy @ msn .com please :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the help!

Sure, I have forwarded a copy of the original email to the new address :slight_smile:

Hey again

I think its sorted now, I got the emails on my other account, just waiting to hear back from JP.

Thanks again HAWK!