I Need To Some CSS & HTML

Hi guys this my first topic and I really liked the theme of SitePoint.
And I also have a forum site installed with this software. (Discourse)
This design is installed at GitHub but I am getting an “Error 500” error when trying to install it on my site.
I like category and title layout very much. Do you have help and can present the codes?

I’m sorry about my wonderful English. :smiley:

link : https://github.com/sitepoint/discourse-theme


The answer is that it is a bit complicated. https://github.com/sitepoint/discourse-theme is our plugin (yes the name of the repo is a little confusing). We then have a large amount of custom theme code that is also added. So you will get a 500 error because this is a plugin and not a theme.

Hope this helps.


I understand. This is a plugin that supports theme codes.
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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