I need to get a new hard drive and dvd burner

I have a Dell Inspiron 9300. I purchased it in 2005. I need a new hard drive and DVD burner. I plan on purchasing a new Mac Pro when things get financially better. However, I do want to hold on to this computer. Is there anything I should watch out for when upgrading the hardware for my Dell?

Once I go Mac I will never go back. I learned my lesson. Macs are the best!

I’m pretty sure the 9300 has IDE drives, not SATA. And you should have a plan how you’re going to copy everything to the new hard drive. As far as the DVD burner, I’d look at using an external assuming the 9300 can boot from a USB CD/DVD and it has USB2 (some older laptops had usb 1.1).

It looks like from a quick Google search the 9300 uses Parallel ATA drives, it looks like they go as large as about 320GB at 5,400 RPM and as large asd about 100GB for 7200 RPM. Have both the DVD burner and hard drive died at the same time?

If your able to, try connecting the hard drive up to another computer via a suitable caddy, if the hard drive can be accessed then it may be that something on the motherboard has failed, it looks like the 9300 first came out in 2005, has yours seen a lot of use, it may be just suffering from old age.