I need to add email facilities to cart script

Hi Guys…

I am trying to add a shopping cart to our family business web site.
I have found a very nice east script that works very nicely, but it stops at the Shopping Cart.
It is written in PHP and MySql.
It has no facilities to send an order via email, or to send the order via Paypal.
I’m not bothered about Paypal, at the moment, but I do need to get the order via email.

The test site, with 3 items in it, for the script is:

If anybody thinks that they can help me I will post the script, or send the whole shopping cart script (which is a free script).

Hope somebody can help me. I have been struggling with it for over a week.


John C

Have you got your server sending out emails from a simple script using plain the [fphp]mail/fphp function yet?

Hi countrydj . Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

There is a lot to setting up a cart. I’m not sure how this one is meant to work, but if you are collecting credit card details, you need to take security measures like getting an SSL certificate. You may be better off sing something like PayPal, which is much easier, or a fancier third party service like FoxyCart. Or you coud host your whole site at something like Shopify.

Hi ralph.m…

Thank you for your reply.
I have managed to get this problem sorted out.

John C