I Need Title for My Lecture

I’ve been asked by the Small Business Development Center in my city to give a broad lecture about practical SEO and PPC fundamentals that small businesses can implement themselves. I’d like to come up with a fun and catchy title for the discussion. Here’s a few of the titles I’ve come up with so far:

–Let Google Beat Your Competition For You
–Your Business + Google = Total Domination
–Real World Solutions for Online Marketing
–Read World Solutions for Search Engine Domination
–Real world solutions that will drive revenue & boost income in the online world
–Make Google Your B!tch

After that last one, the brainstorming went way down hill.

Can anyone lend a hand and give me a few ideas?

Definately, I wouldn’t use the last one… you want a catchy phrase, not people offended :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember that although Google rules, it is not the only one to offer pay-per-clic and SEO is also important for other search engines. Your titles are good if you’re going to talk about Google but if your lecture includes other competitors, then you shouldn’t use Google’s name. some random ideas which may fit, depending on how you look at them:

  • Ads, ROI and… Search Engines
  • The Golden Pot behind the Search Engines and Advertisement
  • SE + PCC = Intelligent Promotion
  • 101 SE and PPC tips and tricks
  • Practical SEO and PPC Fundamentals… you can do it!
  • How to use SEs for your own benefit
  • What you need to know about SEs and PPC
  • The secrets of true SEO and SE ads

Thanks for the feedback. As far as PPC, I will be talking only about Adwords. For SEO, I’ll be covering just general best practices.

How about this one?
Winning the Search Engine Race: Practical Tips to Ranking Higher Than Your Competition

Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

all above are ok, but do not use the last one please