I need some feedback on my React portfolio website

I am making a portfolio website in 80’s style. It’s still in progress(not mobile-friendly, images are not optimized, no animation and some buttons not working). How does it look? Well structured? Easy to use and find necessary information? The main question: does it look good enough to be an applicant’s resume?

The 80’s style is pretty cool. Overall it is hard to comment on since there isn’t much there. As you mention, much of it is still a work in progress. So far it looks pretty good. Other than maybe a different style choice here and there, nothing that would scream “Stop! Don’t Continue!!!”

I would definitely give a little more interactions to the site. I mean really all you have here is a few buttons, a form and some images on top of a moving background. But as you said, you have no animations yet. So put those in and maybe ask people then what they think. :slight_smile:

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As a newbie, I can’t provide to much content to see and by meaning of animations, I meant transitions, fadein/fadeout, etc. Ok, I will add more interactive animations on site.

Other than maybe a different style choice here and there

Please, continue) I never thought how deep I suck in design, before I started to work on my portfolio, any advices will be appreciated:)

It’s evident you are aiming this to English-speakers. You’ll want to get your text proofed by an editor before you go live, because you have grammatical mistakes.

Is this site for attracting the average person who needs a website? I ask because you use extremely technical language when describing your tools, and the majority of the public will simply not understand any of these words. You will turn them away because they will think they won’t be able to communicate with you.

Look at other website design firms and see how simply they communicate their services to their clients in ways the average person can understand.

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That was made on purpose (technical language, not mistakes), this website is a resume, not a landing page.

  1. The button “My works” somehow goes lost over the background, you might need some contrast here

  2. I find it hard reading a text with a moving background

  3. The alt text for the icon below the website’s titles should be a little more than alt=“icon”

  4. I guess meta and OG tags will come later.

  5. Why do you have a button for “My Works” and “Contact me” but not for the resume ?

  6. I would add a sticky menu so when browsing thru “My Works” the “Contact me” option will be at hand

  7. The Send button appears to work but I would like some sort of receipt confirming that the message was successfully sent.

  8. You might add an anchor mailto: to the email

  9. I suppose you know that the links “Source Code” and “Visit Website” don’t work. (Why giving access to the source code ? Are your clients aware you’re doing this ?)

  10. What is the “mouve over” on the website’s images supposed to do ? I see it changes the image width and shows some icon on the bottom left corner but they don’t work and are so small I can read what’s written on them. The gif files seem pretty heavy (2 mb the one I saw) but as you said your images haven’t been optimized I guess you’ll work on them later on (NeonMe.08531618.png is awfully heavy)

  11. You have some duplicate tags: meta name=“theme-color” and link rel=“preconnect”

  12. Your manifest.json file contains references to icons that don’t seem to exist, for example I couldn’t find logo512.png Also /safari-pinned-tab.svg doesn’t seem to exist.

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Please think very carefully before adding more animation. The site already has so much that I find it difficult to use. I find text over image difficult to read at the best of times, but over a moving image it is almost impossible.

Animation should almost always be user controlled or very short in duration. Images that continually animate can cause the rest of the page to be more difficult, or for users with very high levels of distractibility, totally inaccessible.


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if you make it its mobile-friendly so it really nice and its take so much time to load even on good interent plz minfy your file size

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OP has already explained he’s no got round to optimising the site yet.

It is hard to give feedback as it is not complete but you need to work on the responsiveness of the website.
And secondly the pictures ard animations are a bit too flashy, so try to make it subtle and minimalist, not imposing but thats my point of view.

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Thanks everyone! I appreciate your help, very much! I finished my website long time ago - forgot to show you, sry) I can’t find information, how to delete this post, so, let it be) Ten thousand likes to everyone! and again - thanks:)

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