I need small script php for wordpress

hi evry one im new here i lik this forum and i want a help from you .i have new site of watching movies i need some one here programing for me this script

add name of sereis
add namber of sessen
add namber of episodes

Welcome to the forums, @Wafi_Lahlou.

I’m sorry, but I doubt you’ll find anybody willing to do that.

If you’ve made a start on it for yourself and need help, then there are people who will be happy to assist you, but it’s not the purpose of the forum to provide code for you.

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im beginer in php can you try thats plz for me can you give me you facebook account

Seriously? Why? What does that have to do with your question?

We were all beginners once. It’s not even clear what exactly you want the script to do or how it is supposed to fit in with your Wordpress site.

If I’m correct, you want to have posts with something like a review, summary, video etc and they all will have certain information in common. eg.

Mister Ed - season 2 - episode 4
Bewitched - season 1 - episode 2
Grimm - season 2 - episode 10
etc. etc.

WordPress already has “Custom Fields” that show “meta-data”, no “small script” needed.


we want a script that if u add a film and in the down episode u have the episode in the word press

It sounds like you want to add three custom meta boxes to your edit area for each movie: one for name of series, one for number of sessions and one for number of episodes.

There was an article describing how to do this on SitePoint called Adding Custom Meta Boxes to the WordPress Admin Interface. Try working through this tutorial first and then ask if you have any questions.

I’m going to move this thread to the WordPress forum, because the question involves WordPress functions more than straight PHP.


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