I need maintenance and correction in the codes i have made

Hi everyone

i have been watching several tutorials on HTML then i have bean following the videos of the newboston about PHP

in order to create an online survey …

what i want from you my dear friends is to kindly maintain and correct my codes to make the codes (survey) works

i will show you what i have done and please please please help me in correcting them:-

  • this is the page to the server i regestred in and my survey wll be uploaded on it : http://eu5.org/

  • The information to log in is : Username: <snip by=“ScallioXTX” />, Password: <snip by=“ScallioXTX” />

  • When you cleck on Manage DB you will find the name of the database and the password which are:

Username: <snip by=“ScallioXTX” /> , Password: <snip by=“ScallioXTX” />

  • i have created 4 files the first one is the connection file (its name is db.php), the second one is for inserting the data in the table and its name is (project.php), The third one is for creating the table and its name is (tables.php), the last one is the survey its self you can view it to underestant what i want and to underestand the name of the rows.

what i need from you me deer friends are-:

1- Please write for in the survey file the code of action and post methode so the button submit can works.

2- Maintain for me the connection file and the other two files so it connect and the survey works.

3- you can make any changes you want in the codes or in the names of rows or anything

becuase i’m sick of trying with no results, for several weeks i’ve bean trying to make the survey works but it hasn’t

the files are attached , the information about the server and the database are provided

please any one who will help me download the files , make the adjustments and upload them again or upload them directly to the server so the survey will be ready to be used

and if you can make some explanations of my mistakes it will be great so i can underestand and learn

please guys help me , i’m running out of time to complete this survey and gather the data

Two things:

  1. no one here is going to do your work for you.
  2. don’t publish usernames and passwords on an online forum. Someone might use them and do something bad with them.

If you need help, that’s what we’re here for - but only to help you fix your problems, not to do the work for you.

I know it’s a free hosting site, but I go to phpmyadmin, I see someones already messed in there, it has your email address and password, let’s hope you didn’t use the same. Absolute 101 don’t give that info out to anyone, this forum is visible to literally anybody in the world…

Immerse and zurev are right. Don’t post login info on the forum. You’d better change your passwords immediately.