I need html character code for circle bullet point

This can either be unicode so I can use it in :before or :after content ’ '; (preferably) or regular html character. Been looking for over an hour. None of the unicode I find seems to work with content ’ ': and the regular html entities show up square - I need a circle. On sites that show these http://www.alanwood.net/demos/ent4_frame.html thier example shows a circle. Using firebug I see no charcters on ly a circle which tells me they are using a keyboard to input it maybe. But I cant find that either. HELP!

I ended up going a different direction. Still would be nice to have in my pocket though.

Not sure what you’re looking for, but there’s the bullet -

& #8226; or & bull;

The bull one displays as a square. And none that I have found display using content: " ";

8226 one displays as a square also

I want a circle

On the page you linked to, it does display as a circle…

Do you have a generic list-style-type in your css? If so, that would explain the shape issue.

HTML entities will of course only work in HTML. In CSS, you would use \2022.

content: “\2022”

I’ll test it on a blank page with no other css. And I’ll test that css number you posted. Thanks guys

Yes, you can either use that code, or with characters like that that have no other meaning in CSS, you can just paste the character in as well:

p:before {content: "\\2022";}
p:before {content: "•";}

I use the first in content, because it also is needed for Javascript so all my stuff’s the same.

content: \0a ( i use this for making spaces all the time, instead of just a literal space character) and \bb for my >> markings in lists.

But they could have managed to copy-pasta the character.

I had a page where I used an anchor purely for a hover effect. I wanted to put something cute in the markup and have it show in the address-status bar in the browser, and the image in the anchor was related to the game Duck Hunt. So I thought I’d go to the Wikipedia page about it and copy the Japanese name there-- after all, Wikipedia must be UTF-8 right?

Well it never showed up correctly and I ended up needing to copy the text from a site using the jp character encoding instead. Even though all my stuff is UTF-8 as well and my browser was set to UTF-8.

Ralph how did you you copy and paste that circle? Did you copy it somewhere or did you use the keyboard?

Alt+0149 gives a •.

Thanks Stevie. I saw that in my searches. I tried it. By trying to stuff 5 fingers at one time on my keyboard. It didnt work though. I feel like I’m missing something.

Yes, just copied and pasted it from a plain text file.

huh. Rookie mistake. Just tested it. Seems I have something in my css overriding it. Because on there own they all show up as a circle. Still though the content p:before {content: “\2022”;} is a good one to keep in my snippets. Thanks guys!

[font=verdana]You only need two fingers (or thumbs) at a time!

Make sure NumLock is turned on.
With your left index finger, press Alt.
With your right index finger on the numeric keypad, press 0 then let go then press 1 then let go then press 4 then let go then press 9 then let go.
Release the Alt.

Of course, if you are using a laptop without a numeric keypad then it gets a bit more complicated! (I did once work out how to use the faux-numeric keypad on my laptop. Once. I’ve since forgotten. Drat.)[/font]