I need help!

Hi , i have a blog …[noparse]http://employment4india.blogspot.in/[/noparse]
. This blog main page is not able to searchable at Google .

when search blog show display social media pages …plz help me ?

You can check what pages Google has indexed on your site by searching for “site:employment4india.blogspot.in” … and it comes back with nothing. So for some reason, Google hasn’t got any of your site’s pages listed. Things to check … have you blocked Google in robots.txt or have you marked your pages as ‘noindex’? Have you set a ‘canonical’ link pointing to the wrong address? The fact that Google has picked up so many links to your site suggests that it should have found yours by now.

Stevie D is 100% correct. The other factor is unless you are getting the domain name in your name you can not make your own identity.<snip>

You can work on the suggestions by Steve.

Alternatively, you can check the blogger settings where in check the “Privacy” and make it “Listed on Blogger. Visible to search engines.”