I need help with some wording

I want to say something more creative than “my blog spotlights entrepreneurs”. Any suggestions?
I don’t really care for “spotlights” “focusses on” “targets” “features” “exposes” or “displays”
Any creative help would be appreciated.

What is your target market?

At the bottom of the Bing & a Google Searches the following were listed for “Related searches for entrepreneurs”.

Top 10 Entrepreneurs
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Entrepreneur Definition
Entrepreneur Opportunities
Top 10 Entrepreneur Jobs

entrepreneurs definition
top 10 entrepreneurs
successful entrepreneurs
list of successful entrepreneurs.
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Who are you targeting the message “my blog spotlights entrepreneurs” at? Is it aimed at:

  1. Entrepreneurs who you want to attract to your blog?

  2. Advertisers who are selling something aimed at entrepreneurs?

If 1, I would go with something like this:

Information and advice for entrepreneurs everywhere

If 2:

Your perfect platform for reaching out to entrepreneurs

Either way, get rid of “my blog” (or anything else involving “me”, “my”, “I”, etc).


Possibly something like, “giving entrepreneurs notoriety in their fields”… or “helping entrepreneurs achieve notoriety” ? Without knowing the intent of the blog, I’m not sure on wording. These suggestions may not make too much sense, depending on the context.

My blog:
emphasizes the unique impact entrepreneurs have on XXX
delves into the inner workings of entrepreneurs in XXX field
showcases entrepreneurs (I know it’s close but you didn’t mention it so I’m throwing it in there)

Let us know your target market at first

Thanks for everyone’s input, but this is an old thread and the OP never returned, so I’m closing it.