I need help with MySQL relations (Logic)

Hello all,

I just need a little help with logic!
I want to display in the admin panel "product uploaded by: " feature. So I figured I need a one-to-one relationship of the columns.

I created 2 Tables (Products, Admins)



Now if I’m not mistaken, I want to connect the product to the admin, not the admin to the product.

What should I do in phpMyAdmin?
make adminUsername or productUploader unique?

or connect productUploader to Admins primary id key?

This would only be true if a person can only upload a single product.

What i imagine you’re ACTUALLY describing is a one-to-many relation:

A product is uploaded by a single person;
A person can upload many products.

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There are, effectively, three types of relations:

At this point, your data might as well be columns in the original table, but are separated for organizational reasons or… I don’t know really.
“I have a person table, and a license table. One person can have only 1 license, and each license can belong to only 1 person.”
(Which is when someone goes “so why not put the license info in the person table”, and you scratch your head coming up with an answer.)

The classic relationship. One something can have many somethings.
One author can make many posts on a forum; a given post can only have 1 author.

A many to many relationship. These should get broken down by a join table into two 1-N relations.
Example: I have a table of students, and a table of teachers. Each student has multiple teachers in a day, and each teacher teaches multiple students.
(This then should break down into a join table on teacher-student pairings, probably including such information as what time of day the student has the teacher, or what year, etc.)

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yes to adminUsername, no to productUploader (see @m_hutley’s reply)


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Ok, I made adminUsername unique.

I tried to connect Admins primary id to productUploader but it gives me an error…

please advise.

The admin primary key is an integer and productUploader is a string. All you need is a basic foreign key relationship. Make productUploader an integer. If you are using InnoDb or a table that supports foreign keys use actual foreign keys.Extra advice don’t use a name like productUploader. That sounds really stupid. Just call it creator_id. Also don’t prefix column names with product when the table is products. Same for admin. Why do you need to prefix the admin table columns with admin. I never understand why devs feel the need to prefix the column names with the table name.

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because they don’t want to apply column aliases in sql

i don’t agree with it, but i understand it

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