I need help with hosting a social network (nginx, mysql, phpmyadmin)


This is a clone of Nintendo's Miiverse written in PHP that was scrapped. I would like to continue it and host it myself.

Only problem: I don't know how. Here's what I have so far:

  • A laptop running Fedora 26 LXDE with all required packages installed.
  • Poor knowledge of web hosting. All I was able to do is install nginx and view the test page

Here's what I need help with:

  • Using nginx (from installing it to my computer to having a website on the Internet that anyone can access). Knowing how to setup multiple servers from one PC would be nice but it's not a priority. I can't use Apache because of required nginx rewrites.
  • Understanding what nginx rewrites are and how to add them
  • Knowing how to setup MySQL and phpmyadmin

This may be a noob question, but I've been trying to get this to work for days. His README.md file wasn't written with 'making everyone understand it' in mind. Add my inexperience with this stuff and it's been impossible for me. I figure somebody here would know about it better than I would. Any help is appreciated.


Hi eclipsemail welcome to the forum

You seemed to have missed this in the readme

don't host this on a public server since it might be taken down by Nintendo.

The SitePoint forums are not the place to ask for help doing things that shouldn’t be done.



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