I need help validly moving this form tag?

I need help validly moving this form tag? http://goo.gl/QNxzZ

Some day I’ll get around to moving this site all over to div/css but for now I’m stuck with this incomprehensible nested table mess. I simply need to move the form so the google search’s form is not nested inside it. My validation wont correctly work with it so. I just want to move the form tag down below the google search. But I cant seem to make it happen validly. I’m a bit lost in that mess. Whats the simple solution for a trained table eye? Thanks!

Thanks. Well I don’t want it to be tables. But transferring the whole site to divs is going to take some time. Time that I don’t have right now.

Yeah nesting another table looked like the fix to me too. But I just couldn’t figure out how to do that correctly in the freaken mess - try as I did. Every one of the thirty times I tried the validator through 20 errors.

And people wonder why we don’t like layout tables :rolleyes:

The ‘like this’ buttons shouldn’t be in the form either. You need to take that entire <div> that has both the ‘like’ buttons and the search box and put it before the <form>. I guess maybe you’d need an extra table row to contain it if you’re going to insist on keeping the layout as it is.

I don’t think you need another table - just a table row.
Above the <tr><td> that contains the main form, put
<tr><td> </td></tr>
And then move the entire <div> into it.

What validation errors are you getting?

Cool! Ok I think I see what your saying. I will try that when I get back to my desktop. It’s funny. When it’s all divs/CSS it’s like the matrix with the green scrolling vertical numbers (you know on the computer in the ship). All the numbers tell me a clear story. But with tables - nothing. I mine as well be trying to recode jquery.

Havnt tried it yet. But I remember now the problem I was having this morning. If I move that form anywhere inside that main table it throws errors. I’m sure there is some tr/td combo that would fix that but I was unable to find it. That’s why I think adding another row may not fix it. I could quite possibly be wrong though.

Ok I tried and I couldn’t get it to work. Each combo I try the validator gives me like 20 errors. It says stuff like td can’t end here. Or no end form tag or no end tr tag. I don’t know enough about tables to even make a guess. Any further direction would be appreciated. Thanks!

I have always been able to piece it together regarding this site but this particular page is a nested tr/td nightmare. I can’t make sense of it.

With tables and forms either the form needs to wrap around the entire table OR a td within the table needs to wrap around the entire form. Nothing in between is valid.

Thank you felgall that makes sense. So how can I wrap a td around the entire form? For instance, can I have multiple nested td’s/tr’s within this td that will wrap the form? This is my problem. Basically, I can’t tell were to close the td at the end of that mess. It makes nested li’s look simple.

You can have one table inside the form that you use to position all the elements within the form and another table completely outside the form that positions the form relative to everything else.

Perhaps if you get the table to display all the borders so you can see what table cells are where then you might be able to work out how many rows and columns the td containing the form needs to span in order to reduce it to a single cell. You could then separate the form back into those cells with the table inside the form.

It could get rather messy trying to figure out which cells are what but CSS ought to be able to help you out if you apply classes to various td tags and then style their border or background-color so as to be able to see where they are in the page layout.

It is a whole lot easier once you get rid of the layout tables in your web page as you will need to do eventually if you don’t want to have this sort of problem every time you try to change the page.

After a huge amount of trial and error I was finally able to nest another table and move the google stuff. Thanks!