I need help to desig a page for the stock order

hi everyone i am new to this technologies as i am not having knowledge in html and css as i want to create a form according to the requirement so i need some help from any one who know html and css ple help me

Thanking you

How far have you got with this? Show us what code you have got so far.

as i am started today so i am researching in what way i can do it

@Gandalf As i need ur help ple help me sir if your ready to help me i will send the requirement for you ple sir i am in need help

It sounds to me like you need to hire someone to do the complete job for you. SitePoint has a department where you can purchase their services. Our purpose is to help developers with problems in their code. Our purpose is not to do their complete work for them. If you lack experience and need to hire a consultant, we can refer you to the SitePoint department for that service.


no not like that actually i need how to do that one
so i seeking help from others

Show us what your requirements are and tell us how much experience you have (why you are unable to even start doing this).

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as i am from EC Backgroung as i am not getting job so i joined here i know only basic in html and css but if i want to stay in this company means i want to do this work by tmor so i am asking you

Do you know how to do an HTML form?

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yes i know but it is not in that format
as it is in so many heading and text boxes and so many attribute in that

You need to do this form by tomorrow?

What are the requirements of this form?

can i send this requirements file to ur mail id what sir

No, I do not give out my e-mail address.

Can you explain the requirements in your next post? If not, why not?

there are giving in snapshot Format requirement and the snapshot is the requirement only so i need to send in that email

Are you saying that you have been given an image showing how the form should look and you need to write HTML and CSS so the form looks like the image?

If that is not correct, please explain what “snapshot format” is.

so i am aksing mail id for sending that information

You can post the image on an image service, or even better for privacy, in a DropBox account. DropBox is free.

sir ple give me mail and skype id
moreevery it is company format is any one is here means there come to know means it diffcult for me ple sir

No. Perhaps someone else will be able to help you.

ok tell me how to show in dropbox ple