I need help on script installation

good day guys, i need help in script installation, i am newbie, tried but got stacked, please someone to help me install to my hosting.


That doesn’t give much detail or information… Unfortunately, nobody will be able to provide any help unless you explain what you’re trying to intall, where and a few basic details about your hosting (Is it shared or dedicated? Does it have a control panel? does it use Windows or Linux?)

Thanks so much, i want to install file sharing script on a shared hosting from godaddy, if i can see someone to guide me through.


GoDaddy’s hosting has a control panel… that should help you… but they also have a support ticket. Again, I don’t know which file sharing script you’re trying to install but I would assume that if it is a commercial (or even freeware) solution, you’ll have some instructions and maybe they even provide some support too…

Again, can you be a bit more specific?

Thanks, the file sharing script is UPLOADSCRIPT FILEHOSTING SCRIPT, the hosting account has been setup and i was trying to use the godaddy FTP manager, is not uploading. i will be very grateful for any kind assistance, thanks

It is unlikely that we can help… I searched for it in Google but all the download links go to ad pages and same with the demo links. It looks like you simply need to move the files to your host via FTP but I wouldn’t be able to say if there’s anything else that you need to do (and I would assume that at least you need to set up the user name and password for the admin.

Which error did you get?