I need HELP>Mobile Flash Game

Hello Guys our team is doing a school project(flash mobile game) and we have a problem please help me with this one.

can you guys help me on how to do a hall of fame features? on mobile?
like for an example after you finish a game at the end you can
input a nickname, then it can only overwrite if another player finish the game.
atleast we need to show two nicknames like:

HALL of Fames:

PLEASE help me we really need to finish that game feature :frowning:

can you give me some codes or sample codes of it? and can you give me some mobile flash games that do have some hall of fame features?

Yes, just store the data locally, you may be able to use a local shared object, SQLConnection or flash.filesystem apis depending on your deployment environment.

WOW! BIG thanks! sir. EastCoast!!! :smiley:

Thanks and God Bless!!!

Thanks for quick response sir, I would like to ask, well I’m not that good in Flash, I would just like to ask if its possible to make a highscore or hall of fame features on a mobile phone without using php/mySQL and other stuffs?

the storage would be in the phone also.

Thanks for helping SIR

Thanks for the response,uhm
do you have any sample code or source code that i could read and study?
I really need it on my school project.

Thanks sir

Slides 7 & 8 in the following:

There’s no difference between doing this for mobile or desktop based: