I need help deciding what the best platform is to use

Hi there,

My client is looking to create a website that will essentially entail a wiki and an e-commerce store. The way the website will work is that the customer will come on the website, select their wiki category of interest and then the appropriate sub category. Once they read through the wiki the idea is that they will be directed to some products in the store that are only applicable to that wiki category.

For example, Bob comes onto a website looking for a particular product. However, there are hundreds of these products and Bob isn’t sure of which one to purchase. So Bob selects the wiki category that he is interested in and then selects a sub category. After reading the wiki and drilling down a few levels, Bob is presented with a filtered list of products which he know is the correct set of products. He can then add the appropriate product to his shopping cart and thus complete his purchase.

The products in the store will be uploaded by suppliers, so essentially it will be a marketplace. Suppliers will register and then be able to upload products and tag them to the correct category. Ideally this would be done via csv file as suppliers may have hundreds, if not thousands, of products.

I was hoping to use Magento but I’m not sure if it has the wiki functionality required? My client’s existing wiki is currently on www.mediawiki.org. I’m not sure if a shop can be built into this? Would any other platforms fit the bill? If anyone has any advice or questions then that would be appreciated.

Thank you

Whenever you have an unorthodox use case for a system, you’re likely to be better off writing custom code (in this case to extend mediawiki) rather than attempting to shoehorn a complex system such as magento into your site. Magento is hard to customise unless you’re familiar with it’s complex MVC architecture.

I use Magento and I love it. Its amazing and easy. For your query about if magento has the wiki functionality, it has a wiki functionality so I think it will fit your needs.

You should either customize Magento store to integrate with mediawiki as required or find a similar Magento extension available in the market and migrate the current content to this.