I need help about costumize theme

Hi guys, I want to remove tags section (in sidebar) ) and open place for content area on my website, its a wordpress theme and I don’t understand enough thats coding stuff. Thats my theme; http://bulutekno.com

How can I do this, theme doesnt have own costumize settings about this…Do you have any advice ?

Did you check the wdgets section of your dashboard to see if this is a widget. If it is, you csn just remove it by dragging it off the sidebar widget area.


Hi, You can always customize any theme by creating a child theme. There are many tutorials about how to do that starting at Wordpress.org:

Or you can install a plugin that creates and manage your own child theme:

Or find a tutorial how to do it yourself, like:

Here is an example of what you basicly need to do to remove the sidebar and expand the posts to fill the space:

Create a new child theme directory “teknobitchild” in the themes directory and save this child theme css as “style.css” in that directory: /wp-content/themes/teknobitchild/style.css

 Theme Name:   Teknobit Child Theme
 Description:  A Teknobit v3 child theme
 Author:       hasantngr53
 Template:     teknobitv3
 Version:      1.0
@import url("../teknobitv3/style.css");

/*** child theme css is overriding same selectors in its parent theme ***/

/* remove the sidebar completely */
.sidebar-content {
    display: none; /* parent theme display is inline-block */
/* fully expand post width */
.posts-content {
    width: auto; /* parent theme width is 66.5% */

But first check the widgets section as @WebMachine suggested. :slight_smile:


I just want to remove “tags” section not all of the widget

I’ll try this… thanks for your help man :slight_smile:

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