I need edu.in & gov.in liks?

Hi Friends
iam new to SEO field.
pls help me
i need edu.in & gov.in sites ?how to do it? how to register?
i need sites in india ?free inks not paid links?
i would be thankful to you.

A lot of questions and most of them make no sense.

I would guess you can not get an .edu.in site unless you are an educational institution and again you can not get a .gov.in site without being a government department.

I think you have a lot of learning to do as you do not seem to know what you want.

hey thanks,to promote my “education center” website i asked edu.in & gov.in
through this edu ,gov link we can get backlink.so thats why i need edu links

So you want links to edu.in and gov.in sites so you can spam them with links to your own site? Why do you think that would be a good strategy?

To get the links you want you will need to produce content that is such high quality that Indian educational institutions and the Indian Government want to link to you. If your content is even remotely close to being of that quality then it probably will not matter whether you actually get those links or not.