I need a web form recommendation

Hi! I hope this is the right place for this topic. So I want a simple “contact us” web form with name, email and a message. I thought this would be easy but I’m also using wordpress and when I set up the wordpress installation I used a strange email. I’ve tried all the plugins for web forms in wordpress plugin directory and they all seem to use the default email address. I have also tried changing the default/admin email that I used when creating the installation. That did not work and my only option is to go into the database to change the email address there, which I am weary of doing. I have tried 5 different “form” sites like cognitoforms and chimpmail. Cognito has about everything I want but I think you have to log into their site to actually see the submitted information.

I have not really done much with coding the whole form myself but maybe I could get some advice on that? One of my problems is that we are using a third party email service for our email. This makes it harder to send messages to our designated email from the form and I do not want us to get blacklisted for spamming or something.

I hope this makes sense!


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