I need a photo galary

i need a photo galary. how can i fiend it.please tell me.

You need to give some more information. Do you want this for a website? What kind of gallery do you want / how do you want it to look/work etc? Do you have any web design skills?

There are lots of free gallery scripts out there that can be put on a website, or some licensed ones too that are good if you don’t know much about code.

More info please. :slight_smile:

You don’t “Find” a photo gallery. You create one that is suited to your needs. Finding and using another’s photo gallery is plagiarism, unless you have their written permission.

If the OP means the photographs, then you’re right. If he means a gallery software, then as Ralph says more info is needed to give a useful answer.

Good point. Thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t thinking about the software, just the content. If the OP is looking for software, then this thread would fare better in another area of the Forums.

Try looking at hotscripts.com

There’s loads of photo gallery scripts. There’s coppermine, slide show pro, Galleria, slideViewer etc.

You may find this link useful for you: http://samhowat.com/10-best-photo-gallery-scripts-for-web-developers/

Is lots of free gallery’s creator in the flash, they left some small watermarks on pictures with company logo but that is small price for lovely professional flash gallery i think…

Do you have any idea at all as to why companies watermark pictures?

It’s to protect them from copyright infringement. You don’t just go use someone’s watermarked picture for a photo gallery or any other use.

Copyright infringement is both unethical and illegal. SitePoint neither promotes or allows promotion of illegal activities.

Besides which, debasissarker said he needed a photo gallery… not photos for a gallery. There’s a difference.

And since, the op hasn’t returned to this thread or SitePoint since it was originally posted, thread closed.