I need a merchant account but I don't have an SSN

Dear Corey, your help is really appreciated. I look forward for a positive answer.

In the meantime, reading through the Paysystems Term and Conditions sheet, I found that they are written on behalf of NCMIC Finance Corporation:

a corporation moreover incredibly focalized on “chiropractic”…??? Does anyone can explain a such strange relationship between Paysystems and NCMIC Finance Corporation?

Thank you again…


Well it seems that NCMIC Finance Corporation also offers equipment financing. It is just one division of the company (the Chiropractic side) - they also offer financial and insurance services: http://www.chiroweb.com/cgi-bin/forum/showcase/ncmic.pl?read=1

Oh… thank you Corey. Now this has sense…

I’d like to know if anyone here is using the new Merchant Account service by PaySystems… I’d like to know some direct experience.

Thank you again Corey…


News: Cornerstone Payments has just replied to me, but unfortunately they denied my Merchant Account Application after 4 days of review. The cause was:

“…because downloading products is considering ineligible with Cornerstone Payment Systems. We apologize for the inconvenience…”

Now, we’ll see with Paysystems and/or merchantaccounts4less.com


Hm and it took them 4 days to tell you that? Communication and the corporate world just do not mix

Of course, I also think so… and also I had to call them by phone today because by e-mail they didn’t answer me!

Thank you for replying… is so great to talk with someone so responsive!


CCBILL is an online processor that you might want to check out.


since your not an american you could sign up wiith this company and actually get around the VISA fee that is required if you want to accept VISA.

There is no Visa fee. That Visa fee is for high risk accounts which fabrizio does not have actually. And I do not think CCbill offers merchant accounts, they specialize in the adult industry.

Thank you tokindug for your suggestion, but I would agree with Corey: they do not appear to offer merchant accounts.

Thank you.



Just checked out your site, intersting. your payment methods are paypal or clikbank, paypal requires you to join and clikbank, havent got a clue. since you have 2 styles of payment either pay for each piece individually or membership, you should consider something of like this.
now i am not endorsing ccbill but i am endorsing that type of billing method which if i am correct paypal doesnt offer?

To be down right honest, unless you have a brick and mortar store I really dont see the reason why you need a merchant.

Dear Tokindug,
thank you for your kind thought about my site.

Actually PayPal has already a recurring billing system maybe I will use in the future:

The reasons why I want to use a “real” merchant account are several:

1 - ClickBank asks too high commissions.

2 - We need to implement a shopping cart system as soon as possible, and ClickBank doesn’t allow a shopping cart system (it is not designed for shopping cart systems!).

3 - Major trust to our customers by using a service that allow them to do their transactions without to leave our site and by finding our corporate name in their credit card statements instead of the ClickBank name.

I think these are sufficient reasons…

Thank you for your kindness again.


Try this company…http://www2.valisinternational.com/?pg=business
It looks like they specialize in non-US businesses…

Thank you httex. I will keep it in mind if the current service I am trying to be approved will deny my application. Actually they offer interesting services.

Thank you again very much.


Have you contacted WorldPay.com ? If you meet their requirements you can build your own custom sales pages, integrate it into your shopping cart, etc.

We use them on SitePoint.

Hello Matt and thank you for your post.

Yes, I contacted WorldPay but they asked me a Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or SSN in order to open a US Merchant Account with them… I could apply for a Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, but it will require around 10 weeks to complete, so would be useless for my current situation (I would have anyway a SSN within the next three months, and I need a merchant account for the coming 3 months starting TODAY.) Also I’d like to be able to use VeriSign, but WorldPay doesn’t allow to use different gateways than theirs. I could even choose to not use VeriSign for the next few months if I don’t find a different solution, but remain they requirements for a US Merchant Account. Maybe should I ask to open a merchant account as “European business”? Actually we are a US corporation with the management based in Italy at the moment… any idea is very welcome.

Thank you again.


They have divisions all over the world, so opening a European Merchant Account may be a good option if they accept you.

Thank you Matt. I will surely try it if I don’t find an alternative. Thank you again.


Great news folks!

Finally I got a merchant account with Card Service International through merchantaccounts4less.com… please, be aware that I had an EXCELLENT assistance there… thank you Corey for all your help!

Finally I reached my goal, now I am ready to implement VeriSign.

Thank you again SO much!

Fabrizio Ferrari
Virtual Sheet Music, Inc.

Glad that we could help Fabrizio - it was a pleasure! :slight_smile:

Actually I had no longer hope… you really helped my business to grow! And, I want to be sincere, I really appreciated your quick answers to my questions… just two words: excellent assistance.

Thank you again Corey.