I need a merchant account but I don't have an SSN

Thank you for your reply.

So, do you think I would need to use a third party processor like ClickBank (I am used until today)? There are not alternatives?

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I would think so. I actually was talking to another company earlier. They could not recommend any US merchant account processors that handled Verisign & would give you that amount a month

NEWS: I am working both with PaySystems and Cornerstone Payments in order to obtain a Merchant Account for VeriSign… appears I will be able to do so without SSN. I will keep you informed.

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Well Paysystems was actually mentioned but with all the issues lately, I was too hesitant to mention that company

I would seriously reconsider having anything to do with PaySystems.

Do a search on this forum if you need to know why I feel this way.

Yes, I read those posts and I know some story, but the company appears to be changed from a third party service to a merchant services/account company. Also, by using VeriSign as gateway I think to have enough security. What do you think?

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Security was never the issue, service and business practices were.

Maybe whoever acquired them will do a better job, but that remains to be seen.

The gateway only deals with the connectivity on your website. The processor is the company that deposits your money into your banking account.

As far as I know, they were never bought out, they are still owned by the same person

I thought they reorganized under someone else after they shut down (something to that effect was mentioned in one of the other threads). Or did they just reorganize themselves?

As far as I heard - they just stopped the third party billing & focused on merchant account processing. The ones that still were using the third party processing are having problems getting their money: http://www.paysystems.com/page.asp?intNodeID=196&switchLang=true&sysStr=PARCH1:intViewID-1_intNbDisList-1_intNbByRow-1_intArticleID-26;

I understand… I will be aware and I will let you know. In the meantime, they don’t have yet approved my application.

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I’d concur with that. Given the issues that PaySystems created for themselves due to the shutdown of their 3PP business unit and the liabilities they are now facing -I would strongly advise against utilizing them at this time.

In terms of the SSN issue - I don’t know of any bank, processor or agent these days that can setup a true bonafide merchant account without it any more.

In prior months/years, I would have pointed you to Corey as I know CSI used to be able to do it up to the volume amounts mentioned earlier.


1 - Paysystems told me that they will “need 10% rolling reserve. (10% of monthly processing transactions will be held for a period of 6 months and then returned to the merchant, this is a an industry standard)”… do you think that this is true and correct?

2 - Cornerstone Payments Systems are still evaluating my request, I am still waiting an answer from them.

3 - I asked to have a Merchant Account at merchantaccounts4less.com and they told me that it is possible without SSN, but they would limit my first 6 month at $10,000 monhtly. We are working to find a solution to rise this limit (maybe giving them more reliability on our behalf).

What do you think?

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Well as far as PS stating it is an industry standard - that is a bunch of malarkey. There is no standard because it differs from acquiring bank. Each acquiring bank has their own rules to follow. PS might think it is a standard because they have to follow it.

Usually with an overseas merchant account that is not high risk (like adult, gaming, subscriptions, cigaretters, etc), it usually takes 3-4 business days to be approved. Sometimes even less.

Hi Corey and thank you for your reply.

I guessed the same thing about PS statement. About merchantaccounts4less.com do you know something about their service? I read through this forum and found satisfied people… contrariwise I didn’t find any experience about Cornerstone Payments…

Actually I am a little worried about PaySystems despite their responsiveness, until now, has been the best one.

Thank you.


Well yes I know a little about them. Well a lot. If you have any questions let me know. I think Russ is actually trying to work with you.

Yes, Russel contacted me (how do you know this?)…

Now he’s trying to be able to rise the monthly limit for me. I will let you know the next developments.

Thank you!


Well he is my business partner… I told him to try - I do have my fingers crossed but thse processors - they like all those extra little numbers assigned to us by the U.S. Government

I understand… Ok, I will keep my fingers crossed too…

Thank you again very much for any effort!


Anytime - hopefully we will be able to help. I did hopefully try to explain everything in the PM that I sent last week in reply to a few things.