I need a free host accepte proxy sites plz

hello every body I nedd help I have a proxy site but I need a good free host accepte that kind of sites please help me

[FONT=Verdana]Before posting a question, please search the forums to see if it’s been asked and answered before. There have been several recent threads on free hosting subject:


You’ll find various suggestions in those threads for free hosting. You can then check the relevant websites for their TOS, to see if they permit your kind of site. I think it very unlikely you’ll find what you want, but you can try.[/FONT]

thank u but I don’t need a just a free host I need one accepte a proxy site okay

[FONT=Verdana]Yes, I understood that - and I’m sure you’re capable of visiting the free hosts suggested in those threads and checking whether they permit proxy sites or not. :slight_smile:

You can, of course, wait for somebody else to find one for you, but you might have a very long wait.


hi every body please I need help I search a lot for a free hosting allow proxy site but I don’t found any thing can someone please just tell me a free host for my proxy site please help me


You will not get a free host that will allow a proxy site. Proxy sites attract a lot of dubious and unethical activity, and no host in their right mind would offer their resources to such ‘clientele’ for free.