I made two new websites

Hello, I recently built 2 new websites. But i’m struggling with ranking my site and ranking my web. Can anyone give me a complete guide to be success?

two websites : makeyoutop and inspiredcoolgadget

Hi there @Stefiny_Fernandez. Welcome to the forums. Firstly, there is no “complete” guide, I’m afraid. How old are your sites? Tell us what you have tried already to get your sites ranked.

There are two guides from Google which are well worth reading:

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I tried seo optimizing and reduced the load time. And also i posted new quality posts. Actually now both sites are within 6 mil alexa ranking. What should i do next. Thank you

What exactly does that mean?

Did you read the Google articles? They will tell you a great deal more than so-called SEO “experts” who will advise you to “optimise your keywords” and “get quality backlinks”.

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how long did it take you to build both of them?

SEO optimizing is really a broad term. Please tell us exactly what you have tried optimizing. Reducing the load time is good, but not enough. Read the Google Quality Guidelines. SEO is a long term process, you will have to be patience till you start seeing some result.

You are posting quality posts, but are you actively sharing it as well. Try sharing it on social media websites. If you won’t share your content, how will others know about your website and how will they link back to you?

you can also try for pay per click. this is one of the best way for new websites to get traffic. once you get traffic then you can start seo for more back links.

First complete your basic on page activities like creating title, keywors tag, description, optimize h1, h2… tag, use some unique content on webpage.

and then start some off page seo like
social bookmarking
press release etc.

these are sure helps you to get ranking.

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