I made an npm module based on IndexedDB

Using IndexedDB complicates my code.
Because of that, there are good libraries like localForage, dexie.js, idb, etc.
But it’s not my style.
So I made a small library module.

It doesn’t have as many features as the famous modules, but
It became a good module for me making small spa and pwa.

If you are interested, try it out too! XD

A link? : )

Oops… I’m sorry. I forgot. XD XD XD

I added a link.

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How do you find the balance between the restrictions and the simplicity? eg. roughly what percentage of your use do you find this module is enough to meet your needs?

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It’s 100% for me.
But about 80% for others?


I think IndexedDB is powerful. But unfamiliar concepts made me difficult, and I don’t want to consider these. But if I want to use IndexedDB, I need to consider it. These make my code long and complicated.
-DB version system and update
-Transaction life cycle
-Store and cursor separated according to purpose when using DB

I only deal small and simple SPAs and PWAs, so I didn’t have to deal with large DBs. I only need to use the most basic functions of the DB.

The already famous modules were disappointed in the following points.
-English or chinese document (I’m Not Good English)
-Unfamiliar interface.

I was already familiar with the Meteor framework and MongoDB, so I tried to use miniMongo, but the interfaces between minimongo and npm minimongo built into Meteor were different.
So I created a module based on the following criteria.
-Automatic setting for unfamiliar concepts
-Basic function support
-Mongodb style interface in meteor framework

I know that there is a fatal inconvenience in the module I made.
-Multi query not supported
-Option operators such as skip or sort are not supported

I intend to improve the fatal discomfort later.


I’ve improved a lot of niceDB.

  • Easier to use.
  • Supports multiple queries.
  • Supports multi-sort.

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