I love Windows 7, but hate doing web development on it

Ive been running Windows 7 for 10 months now maybe and I love it… Except I hate to do my web dev work on it due to admin permissions/file permissions.

Yes I am an administrator on the computer.

At first, I could not save any .php, .txt, .html, etc., etc. file unless I opened that program by right-clicking and ‘Run As Administrator’. Doing this let me actually edit and save files w/o getting a ‘dont have sufficient permissions’ warning. So to fix this, I make a shortcut/macro to open Notepad, PHPDesigner, Dreamweaver and SmartFTP as Administrator. I now use these shortcuts to launch these programs. Now that its setup, not really an issue.

But it has been painful working since the above fix due to other permission issues. Essentially, drag and drop is shot when trying to open a file from a windowed folder and directly into Notepad/PHPDesigner/Dreamweaver/SmartFTP. If I try to drag-and-drop any .php/.html/etc. file from my project folder on my desktop to edit it in PHPDesigner, it wont let me open it. I have to go to the file menu File>Open, and navigate to the directory to open it. I cant drag and drop into FTP as well.

Yes I am an administrator on the computer.

This might seem trivial but this has really annoyed me to no end. Take away drag-and-drop and your experience changes dramatically.

Any ideas?

Sounds painful, I think I’ll be holding onto XP for a while :slight_smile:

There’s a ton of debate about this one, I don’t know if this helps -