I Left the graboid affiliate program. What should i do on my final payment?

Hi everyone i earnt 17K last month with the graboid affiliate program. I got sick of the poor tracking, which i feel, was inaccurate with the new program. So we had a mutual decision, to take down all links today ( i left graboid).

Now my conversion rates on sites was as high as 10% last month. The switch to the new system has lowered them under 2%. I have also screenshots of the leads tracking not working with the programme.

As a result im set to be paid around 5K for this month. When in fact it should be similar to last months 17K i feel, possibly a lot more.

Now is it within my rights to claim such a payout?

Thanks everyone

Any advice would be great thanks everyone.

I am also affiliate of Graboid. They are giving me 0.70 $ per signup. I think this is not bad.


I think you should review you decision. Its fine and they are paying in time according to the Contract.

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I don’t think you can claim 17 when you earned 5k unless you can prove that they’ve stolen sales from you. But if you prove that doesn’t mean you can get your money ( maybe they don’t want to give them to you ).
For sure: you can change the affiliate “provider” if you think they steal from you.

Do you think that if i reach 1k they will stop my payments ?