I Just Want Your Opinion

I need honest help from someone here. This will define my future probably
Ok, my name is Rick Sekuloski I’m a web designer and developer so I put lot of content for free on my youtube channel, and just recently i put out full php, sass, flexbox, bootstrap, laravel course from scratch with designing part.
From time to time I just want to say that people/students are bullies, they send me an emails and write whatever they can think its ok with their friends, no politeness.
So this is not happening a lot but when it does I tried to ignore but it bothers me a lot.
Let me know what you think should I do.


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Emails about your content? Or emails containing personal insults or whatever?

If it’s about your content, take it on board. You don’t have to follow it but it might be something useful. If it’s about you, ignore it. That’s a learned skill but it’s worth learning, especially in your case. If you’re publishing something, someone is going to take exception to it and give you grief; that’s the way of the internet.


Everywhere people are not as nice as they could be. It is extremely common. It is much easier to criticize than it is to offer helpful advice. The world needs people that can be understanding and offer relevant useful advice instead of criticism. I rarely find that, perhaps never. Even in these forums, people respond with criticism and little or no understanding. My advice is to look forward to the opportunity to set a good example and be understanding of others. Think of what you think would be a healthier way for people to be.

One way to be understanding is to understand that highly critical people likely have unhappy lives. And that comment might be deleted and result in a criticism of me, without the understanding of course. But I hope that understanding the others will help you remain above it.


If it’s on a platform like YouTube, and it’s personal stuff, isn’t there a way you can report them to the platform? There’s no place for that kind of stuff, and with everything else going on in the world, major sites like that are very hot on trying to stamp it out.

I recently joined Stackoverflow because a project I was working on has more traffic on there than on their own community forums, and I noticed one user was frequently posting comments like “you should learn to program before taking these projects on”* or other stuff along those lines. I know anyone on a forum has seen a post from a newcomer and possibly thought the same thing, but there’s a big difference between thinking it, and actually going to the trouble of typing it out for everyone to see. I don’t hesitate to click the “report” button, there’s no need for it, and there are better ways to suggest it. SO do seem quite good at removing the comments, though I can’t say I was paying enough attention to recognise the username and know if they’ve had a ban or similar. Like the people who post this stuff, though, I don’t know if I’d act in the same way in a real life situation.

( * not to my posts, I should add. I think I might have engaged them differently had it been responses to my questions.)


The short form of this post will be: “It’s hard.”

First, the obvious, that has been stated already plenty here: Personal attack is unwarranted.
Now, let’s get into the nuance.
You know that you won’t just get polite people who stand on the other side of the glass and ask their questions or make their statements emotionlessly. If you don’t know that, I would advise you to reconsider your decision of platform.

Just as such, you won’t just get obnoxious haters who have nothing better to do with their time than to insult you, hoping to get a reaction. Which is really all they’re hoping for.

It’s the grey area that you’ve got to concern yourself about. Because it will require some conscious effort to discard the right parts of their statements and still be able to analyze their critiques. I disagree with the idea of ignoring things. And it’s hard. It always will be. But if you can come into it with the right mindset, extract the pertinent information about a ‘rude’ comment, you can improve your content. Why did the person react this way? What part of your content do they appear to have struggled with, and why? Are they just throwing ‘hate’, or are they complaining about something legitimate, just with a poor choice of words?

Also another important point: never, ever, believe your content infallible. Just because you wrote it down or put it in a video does not make it gospel, and people (including your future self. Don’t anyone tell me you’ve never opened up an old file and gone “What WAS I thinking with this mess?!?!”) can and will disagree with your opinion/code style/methodology/etc. It’s fine to have a different view. Being open to the idea of listening to other peoples’ views is how we grow. There’s not a ‘right way’ or a ‘wrong way’ to code (in general - there’s certainly demonstrably/syntactically wrong ways to do things, such as “You can’t put a string there, the function will fail.”), and we’re not expected to know every function or code pattern off by heart.

Thanks for commenting here, emails that are nothing with my content, I get it if they don’t like then i would appreciate any feedback and i will fix the content in the next video. But they are mostly bulling and they will say will unsubscribe and etc. I don’t really care if they unsubscribe, so what they do they unsub and sub next day.
Also putting comments like wanna be friends, or your content sucks literally seconds from posting the new video.
I don’t know crazy stuff. So i will edit my current post and add this stuff so people will know what im talking about.

No its not about my content, if it was i would not write about it, i would fix it and would not do the same in other lectures they just send emails because I have left my web development email for other purposes not for stupid child games.

Thanks for your reply, its not about the content, i would never consider myself as someone I know everything and I do not believe im the best, just if its about my content I would always get that feedback, fix it or maybe will ignore it in next video. So the people are just crazy, they send insulting emails, comment on videos published seconds or minutes so they would have not chance to even watch it.
I don’t know crazy bullies are there, and to be honest Im not like someone that is affrid of bulling, if they were in front of me it would have been different story but they are hiding behind their computers and they think they can write whatever they want.

I’ve seen that on a YouTube channel, “can we be YouTube friends” or something like it. Given that the channel is aimed at developers, and is run by the company offering the API that the videos discuss, it seems misplaced. They just seem to get ignored.

You only have to spend a bit of time in forums or any interactive web platform to see that it appears that some people like to spend their time just being contrary. On another forum I frequent, there is a long-running thread about a long-running BBC TV programme about cars and motoring. Every time a new programme appears, or is promoted, there will be at least one comment along the lines of “I hate this programme, hate the presenters and don’t watch it any more”. And yet they’ve taken the time to find and respond to a thread discussing something they don’t watch. Weird. Those people that choose to comment that your content sucks at a point where they can’t possibly have watched it sound as if they have similar problems. But don’t forget, it’s those people who have the problem.

All of this presumes your videos aren’t weird or abusive or in some way deserve to have these comments, of course. :slight_smile:

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Firstly, some people will be negative and rude on YouTube or any other platform for that matter. The thing is though, are they negative about your content? If this is the case, look at their comments objectively, have they got a point? If so, use their comments to make the content even better. If in your opinion, they are wrong, comment and provide feedback why you have developed your content in this way. No need to argue, just state your opinion. If they are just being mean, then don’t give them a second thought. Remember they don’t have to watch your channel, they certainly should not be mean. You are providing free content, don’t let them dictate to you. Best wishes, Mark


first i think you need be calm and do what you need to do , a lot of people -different thoughts , someone will like someone not , so you can answer to all or just dont mind it its depends on you .

But limit comments to facts. It is especially dangerous to respond to opinion with opinion. If they make a personal attack then ask for facts (something objective, not subjective). And facts should be supported with something authoritive. I often see long discussions with people claiming that opposing statements are factual yet no one offers anything authoritive. And for those that think Wikipedia is authoritive, it is not.