I have trouble with content editing/proofreading

A high-quality content is a secret of success, and since I’m working on my own website, I want to be sure that the content I post is good and matches all the necessary criteria. I’m not the great writer, but my writing skills are also far from being poor. I want to see recommendations from other website/blog owners. How do you assist yourself with writing/editing? Maybe there are any apps or something like that?

I suggest you try following Google’s technical writing course:

I have not followed that course myself but, from the titles of its units, it does not seem to cover how to divide your content under subheadings and how to split your content between web pages. This can be quite challenging.

I would recommend including plenty of diagrams.

Grammar checkers are available online or to download. One I tried picked out three issues with the text you posted :grinning:.

With ecommerce websites it is especially important to use good English: otherwise potential purchasers will be deterred from purchasing. I often see websites with glaring errors in the use of English. The most common is your where it should be you’re. Increasingly I see incorrect capitalisation of the initial letter of common nouns.

Ask colleagues to proofread your content.

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First of all, it’s really nice to see someone asking how to improve the quality of their content instead of asking “How do I get backlinks fast”? That indicates to me that you are already on the right path.

I have edited (and written) a fair number of web dev articles for SitePoint and would recommend following the advice in this article, written by one of our former editors. I guess if you are writing about e-commerce, not all of it will apply (the section on code samples, for example), but much of it will.

I would especially draw attention to the section on Include a Brief But Effective Introduction and the section on Headings Alone Should Develop the Theme. As a reader I am inundated with thousands upon thousands of articles in my RSS feed and I need to know why I should read yours. The introduction and a quick scan of the headings should tell me that.

There are also a couple more resources worth highlighting:

I would also encourage you to write in your own name. This will help establish your credibility. I know that you are probably just using a throw-away alias for these forums, but I highly doubt that the details you have provided are genuine. This doesn’t matter one jot here, but if I read a blog post by someone claiming to be in California and it started “A high-quality content”, this would be a signal to me to bounce (and FWIW, Grammarly would catch this mistake).

Anyway, HTH. Good luck :slight_smile:


Guys, do you know any writing courses for ecommerce niche that worth the money spent?

@Laraso I have moved your other question into this topic. There is no point having 2 topics on the same subject.


oh, thanks

Thanks for you answer. My colleagues are far from being the people I can trust the proofreading…

Thank you, James. I’m not a Native English speaker, but I do my best to improve my English knowledge. The sources you provided are great, thank you.

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I plan to apply to college, and I see that Grammarly and Hemingway Editor will certainly be useful for me. Writing the admission essay is tough for me…

first of all, you must install the rank math plugin and Grammarly extension, the plugin will help you in your on-page SEO and keywords placement, etc. and Grammarly will correct your mistakes. it is best for you to search the keyword on which you are writing and whether you can rank on it or not through ahref and see how your competitor is writing.

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Thank you all, I’ve installed Grammarly and now my blog posts look amazing. I also mentioned that I need to submit a personal statement soon, and you may be surprised, Grammarly turned out to be useful enough for me. The guide I found greatly assisted me in writing the outline, and then I enable Grammarly extension to polish the final paper.

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