I have issue with this blue bar

I have issue with this bar which I don’t know from where and how appear on my website. it appears when i scroll down. and i dont have any option to closed this bar.

even i have 2 websites both have same issue. even i am traying to find but failed. i website is wordpress site and the other one is CMS. please help me i want to know what exactly is this.

when i click on this it shows like this image

filmsflex.com here is my website link

It doesn’t appear when I open your web site, but I’m running an ad blocker so that might be it. Is it just your Google ads appearing?

yes i am using adsense. but this will ruined my google search result with Chinese language and also in images it showing product images which i don’t have on my website.
this will also change my search result language to chinese
check this search result and also images results. goto site:sachiyaari.com

Looks more like a browser “lens” to me. I assume the images or page relate to that… book title? Movie title?

Have you tried a different browser?

EDIT: Movie title, Marc. Read the second image before posting. slaps own wrist

I turned off my ad blocker just to test, and I still don’t get the blue banner.

I wonder whether this might be better in a different section as I can’t see that it relates directly to the PHP language. I can’t think what section would be better, though.

The blue bar is likely from a browser extension or developer tool. To fix it:

Turn off all extensions to see if the bar disappears.
Open your site in incognito mode; if the bar is gone, an extension is causing it.
Inspect your site with developer tools to find any injected scripts.
Clear your browser cache.
Temporarily switch to a default theme and disable plugins to identify the cause.