I have created housie game page, but it is loading slow

I have created housie game page, but it is loading slow. Can some one suggest is it coding issue or network issue.
If i run code locally on my pc, it runs fast, but once uploaded on site winmilestone com, it becomes slow.
page winmilestone com / housie
Host server is in usa location, does the site becomes slow if accessed from different countries.
for example, if I click/mark number in housie game, it takes time to refresh but when i test it in my local server, housie game is fast.
how can i test my website speed access across different countries, to check if site is fast in usa and slow in other countries.

Welcome to the forums, @praful.

I tried to visit the link, but I got an error message telling me to “try logging in again”. upsidedown If it requires a log-in to view, I doubt many people here will do that.

Perhaps you could put the code into a CodePen or similar and post it here, so that we can at least see if there are any obvious issues with the code.


You also won’t be able to run any online validators as they won’t be able to log in.

Housie game need players/users to play, so need to login to page.
code page is big, can i put code in codepen ?

All popular browsers have a debugger. For most and I think all popular browsers we can get to the debugger using F12.

I think that the debugger for all browsers have a network tab that can show how long is needed for each item to download. I am not experienced with the use of that but it might help. If there is something that takes a (relative) long time to download then the debugger should show that.

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