I have Bing questions


I'm trying to use Bing a little more, but I've searched for how to clear Bing cache or Bing search history, but can't find how.

I go to drop down: Search History, but I don't see any "Clear All" selection, or how to remove individual searches.

Also, how do you open up a second page or second search in Bing?

Not very clear, nor very convenient


Go here...


...and check the option as indicated....



After following your suggestion, now when I go to Bing and enter Sitepoint in search bar, Bing searches appear. When I select the Sitepoint.com choice, Google Chrome icon pops up in my task bar, now I'm on Sitepoint in Chrome. Does that sound right?


I cannot answer that. :wonky:

Using Firefox - ( my default browser ) - I see this result...

Your thread is the left tab, "sitepoint forum - Bing", in the middle is the "bing.com"
page and "The SitePoint Forums" in the tab to the right is the result of the search.

I do not have, and would not expect, any icons in the taskbar. :winky:


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