I have appended HTML from a file to the DOM with AJAX, but its resources aren't loaded

I have appended the following HTML to the DOM with the following AJAX.


<link rel="stylesheet" href="./style.css"></link> 
<div dir="rtl" class="camovb_main_box">
	<div class="camovb_phone_box">
		<a class="camovb_phone_link" href="https://wa.me/NUMBER">
			<img class="camovb_phone_icon" src="./whatsapp.svg"></img>
			<span class="camovb_phone_text">שיחת וואטסאפ</span>


const whereToLoad = document.querySelector("body");
const ajax = new XMLHttpRequest();
ajax.open("GET", "/structure.html", false);
whereToLoad.innerHTML += ajax.responseText;

The appendment operation works; the HTML structure is added to the document and appears as HTML output, but, my problem is that the resources (the CSS and the image) aren’t loaded, either with "./RESOURCE" pathing or with "/RESOURCE" pathing, so the HTML structure is styless and imagless.

How would you suggest to solve that problem?

Style sheets should go in the <head> of the document, not the <body>.

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Of course, my mistake, I also add a path problem with the image from all the changes, now it appears, thanks.