I have a virus on my server help plz

I have a virus on my server it is sending the halmark e-mails out and getting me put on black list. how can I find it?


the only way I know of is a complete re-install of the os and re-configure of the server. Sounds like fun huh? The thing is you never really know what all they did when they were in, they could have dropped all kinds of junk on your server in various locations and places. It could take you years to track down everything and make sure everything is safe and secure (if it’s even possible).

Personally I would do the complete re-install.

you can start by providing us more information :slight_smile:

you’d better scan your server for malware, rootkits and suspicious files and folders. these things can usually “easily” be removed, but you’d better find out how it ended up in your server - if you have a security leak or any vulnerable scripts or services running.

Now a days dark mailer scripts creates big issues. Please check in cgi-bin folders of domains and see if there is any suspicious files.