I have a Technical Question - Site Redirecting Question

Q: The picture below, Site-A (tripping.com) is is using Site-B (tripadvisor.com) API. Once Site-A button is pressed it makes a redirecting to Site-B. Is there a way to integrate Site-B processes into Site-A “without redirecting” ?

How do I achieve this process?

Current Process : User on Site-A > User press Site-A button > User redirect to Site-B > User needs to login Site-B > User place order on Site-B > Order completed on Site-B.

What I wanted : User on Site A > User press Site-A button > User remains on Site-A (and our back-end website processes Site-B API inside Site-A > Order completed on Site-A (and the order goes to Site-B database as well)

You should ask it in the API documantation from the Site-B.
If there is a way to do that, then it is documented.
If there is no way to do it, then any “Technical” way would be considered a violation of terms and services.

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