I have a tech blog, what are trends?

Hey! I just arrived here, I have a blog mainly based around tech and the internet. The address is <snip>, if anyone is interested.

I need to know what the other bloggers are bloggin about in tech and the internet.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Give this a try: Google Trends


@EnchanceSEO it didn’t really give me trends and it gave me news for 1 - 2 years ago :confused:

What on earth was wrong with the other post?

thans kyou have all been good help. :slight_smile:

Better you go an subscribe to some of the most popular tech blogs and sites. Then, you will be able to receive emails on each updates. Also try with Google Alert, it is a better option.

In additional to Google trends, you can use Twitter trend. With Twitter trend, you can know what people talk about technology currently.

The power of online research (aka google-ing) can help you a lot. Also, read popular tech sites like TechCrunch, etc.

just check real time searches on Google you found latest trend on technology keyword

Google your keywords and then news after it. You can do the same on yahoo. It will pull up the most recent trends.

If you write about the trends as they are happening, and submit the site to search engines right when doing so, you can get a lot of traffic when there is a hot keyword at that moment. Google live search is great for that, and it helps those who are just starting out to get an audience quickly.

Subscribe to some famous blogs, then keep reading on some good technical news site. Mashable is a good option for you.

Hey Friend:

Mostly users make the blog on Technology or Gadget.I suggest, make your blog on IT related news then promote your blog on different website.

Read some of the popular tech blog to know what is going in the tech world. technology itself is a wide niche covering Internet, Mobile Phones, computers, broadband, tablet pcs and lots more. Yor need to identify the specific subject you are interested in, otherwise covering every aspect of technology will be very difficult.

well you can search in google with a keyword list of technology blogs.

you will get all the blogs indexed with the name of technology.

When you do find the trends, you can also narrow it down by selecting a niche. Do you wanna tackle mobile apps? webware? software? When you’re more specific, it’s easier to grow and maintain a following.

Ronique Gibson in his blog (probloggerdotnet/archives/2011/03/21/choose-a-blogging-niche-you-can-expand-on-for-life/) gives some tips on how you can choose a niche that you can go on and on writing about.

Enjoy and good luck with your blog.

sightdot is right. Focus into one topic. You can’t make everybody as your audience. Focus on what you feel you will enjoy what you are discussing/blogging, in this way, you can definitely find your right audience. :smiley:

Best idea is subscribe for some popular blogs (related to your niche) and check daily or updated posts. then we should have to judge, that which kind of topic can be popular, because blogging on popular topic will be helpful to drive me traffic.

Yeah i agree, try to visit Google trends. You can find public information there and keeps you up to date with the hottest search quires.
And try also the techtrends.com

news related ipad 2 is latest trend you can also use google trends to check daily trends