I have a site chain

Okay, I have a new site chain with stuff like gaming (not an arcade site like chat about games), photoshop gfx, hacking, game hacking, and programming.

However, unlike current sites, I’m going to give back to the member base so much it’s not even funny. So the thing is, I really don’t care too much about making money. My only concern is breaking even on what I am paying a few extra dollars would be nice, but not necessary. All I want, is a HUGE member base. I’m talking members there and members there. i want my site to be one of those sites with 150 registered users on and like 300 guests. More than 500k posts, more than 100k posts and you know the deal. A big, popular forum.

I just need help doing that. I’m a great owner. I’m great with people and I understand what it’s like to be JUST the member and nothing more. Not a mod not an admin. I just need the members and once I get to that point, I can stay afloat.

How would I go about doing this?


http:// forums . mahzone . net/

http:// programmingzone . org/

http:// hackszone . net/

http:// gamehackzone . net/

All responses are much appreciated.

Also, if you’re going to respond, tell me what it is that I have to do, what it can get me (how many members), the percentage of which are going to be active, the percentage of which are going to CONTRIBUTE, and how long it will take.



Popular forums are built on the strength of their community.

Popular forums are the result of a LOT of time and EFFORT by many people.

Popular forums are the result of critical mass around a strong topic of interest.

I dug up an old digitalpoint thread on this subject from a few years ago:

If there was an instant recipe for success then everyone would be doing it…