I hate IE (Help?)

Ok, so I’ve been working on this site for a while. getwetponds.com.au

Look at it in firefox to see how it’s supposed to look. Then look at it in IE. I have no idea what I’ve done and I can’t work it out, but it was working before fine in IE8 (IE7 only had issues with the nav bar that I hadn’t bothered with yet) and now it’s looking worse than it looked in IE6.

I’m assuming it’s a css issue but I may be wrong. Sorry if this is the wrong forum/forum section but any thoughts would be appreciated.

The problem is the comment at the top of your page, throwing IE in quirks mode:


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You should ALWAYS have the DTD at the top of your page. At least for a little while longer :wink:

I could kiss you :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. “At least for a little while longer”, if previous updates are anything to go by, I’d say little while could be a long while. Too many people still on IE7 for my liking, let alone, IE6.