I guess Ology Corp has financial problem that leads to not pay my four month revenue

Why I guess they had financial problem is because after they promised to pay my four month revenue, they didn’t pay me and also totally ignoring my email. I have both contacted Vivian Moran (founder of Ology Corp) and Renee Lee (their Financial manager).

My purpose to post this message to provide webmaster/publishers information regarding my experience with this company Ology Corp :
because this experince has impact to my business financial.

They were very kind at first, response email promptly and also offer nice CPM, when we started the partnership. But they pay webmaster net120 (4 month), and that’s the problem for me because after 4 months, I didn’t receive their payment, then they start ignoring my email. I need 4 months of waiting before posting this thread, once Vivian has replied and blame Paypal to not send me the payment but the fact that they haven’t provide the money and ask Paypal to send me, so how come Paypal would send the money ? LOL

Also, I has contacted Renee Lee their Finance Manager, she’s very kind and response any email but once I asked date of my payment, at that time she started to ignoring my email either.

Providing update this info for webmasters, I will let you know if I have my payment from them even in a year. I hope they will pay my money.

There are so many companies like the one you mentioned.At first they show you very friendliness and credit your account properly later on they just run away with all your money. one should be very careful choosing ad networks

Their founder Vivian Moran was Sr. Director Communications Products at Yahoo! and Beth Haggerty was Chief Operating Officer at IAG Research, i did contact Vivian Moran via email either. So I think this company must be legit. It’s a pity that they ruin their own reputation just for thousand dollars and cheating a small webmaster like me :frowning:

Whatever your dispute may be you should be handling it privately with the other party.

Sure Doug, my intention is just to share my experience to other webmasters, because loosing 6 months revenue really hurt my financial. I remember that I look for this info when started partnership with Ology, but I didn’t find any. Perhaps I wouldn’t get into this problem if i knew them first. Just hoping other webmaster could aware with my experience with Ology before they get into the partnership, but at the end the decision is belong to them.

Apparently, I’m not the only one …
Ology Media - SCAM

It looks like there have been financial problems and accounting issues, but they are working to correct them. But this is not the appropriate place to air your greivances, especially when it’s the first posts of your membership. So, THREAD CLOSED.