I got a new blog indexed in less than 24h

I don’t even know how I did this will have to retest step by step on another one but at least I and you now know it’s possible :slight_smile:

Will tell you when I will be sure of the recipes.

Pretty much any link from a mid-high PR page that’s respidered often will result in the linked site being spidered to some minimum depth immediately (Google already has this thread indexed). Any link posted on Twitter is usually visited by 6-10 spiders within 2-3 minutes as well now that the major search engines have direct feeds from the company.

You mean you just add your site to twitter ? Hey will try :slight_smile:

For fast indexing you can bookmark your site on some good PR bookmark site, they got crawler a lot.

actually you can get your site or blog index for just a few minutes… simple link building can help…