I got a big Google Fall!

Hi friends…
My site has suddenly fallen down from the top position of the search engines.
I was on the top position with the keywords relevant to my products.

Can you please check <snip> and let me know how it happened and what should I do next to repair it?

I was on the top position with the keywords relevant to my products.


Hi Abha007. What you need to do is read some general guidelines on SEO. A good place to start is with the sticky threads at the top of this Internet Marketing forum.

We can answer specific technical questions, but the forums are not a substitute for a professional SEO service, which is what you are really asking for. :slight_smile:

The Google panda is updating itself from time to time to make the advance and relevant stuff available to its browsers. It is changing its policy since 2 months to get up to date. What you require to do is to do the SEO according to current changes and guidelines of Panda and Penguin. This will get your site back to the relevant position and actually on the top of its position.

Many sites have been hit hard by the new google updates. Many of us have to start from scratch when it comes to seo. Now it doesn’t mater how many links you have to your site but the quality of links to your site. Just remember it is better to have links in content of a web page like a article keyword rather then have a bunch of single links on peoples homepage to your site.

Work out your SEO, and answering your question it’s just a regular Google update, which may cause such fallen downs.

In the recent Google update, aside from SERP, my pagerank has also been affected. Most of my blogs’ pagerank decreased by one point. I guess it’s really difficult to predict Google’s algorithm because it varies every update. it’s like starting from scratch again.