I finally got Acupuncture!

Today I finally went for my first acupuncture treatment! He wants me to come back a few more times. It was $60.00 for the acupuncture and $10.00 for the herb.

dude, i woulda spent all $70 on herb



And did you feel any benefit?

We shall see. I am going back next week. :slight_smile:


Hilarious. :rofl:

[FONT=“Georgia”]You’re practically a Trini you know, Rudy.


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thank you, shaun, that is very high praise indeed !!!

sorry, couldn’t resist


I used to be a real skeptic of acupuncture but when I had trouble getting pregnant I figured I had nothing to lose so I gave it a go. I guess it worked - I had twins.

Seriously though, I went in one day with a headache. The acupuncturist asked me what part of my head hurt and I showed her. She smiled, stuck a needle in my ankle and told me to count to 5. I did and the headache was gone. I was bloody unbelievable.

That’s encouraging Hawk! Thanks for sharing.
Did acupuncture really help you conceive? It’s great about he headache. :slight_smile:

No, my husband did.

Is he needle thin?

Sweet. Now all men need to carry a needle on them. As soon as the lady says the proverbial “I have a headache”… jab… in the ankle. :shifty:

Another Designer, you know when we told you to get help with your depression… we actually mean’t see a professional who is medically trained, we didn’t exactly mean you should go find yourself a witchdoctor and have them medically voodoo your body. If you wanted a placebo effect that would help with your symptoms I recommend buying some chocolate, it’s much nicer to be treated with and the chemicals in it will lift your mood! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantastic, you should get an award for that post Rudy… funniest thing I’ve read this year. :lol:

I bet Another Designer is worried he’ll get pregnant from the treatment now. :smiley:

The science behind acupuncture (and Chinese medicine in general) has been around a LOT longer than Western medicine…

LOL!!! :rofl:

The needles are very very thin. I’m going back for a second round of jabbings this week. :wink:

You go that right! I’m let down by Western Medicine… especially dermatologists! They are the worse!!!

I think there is room for them both.

Yes you’re right!:cool:

I had trainer for a professional football team put acupuncture needles in my leg and then run a microcurrent through them. It wasn’t super pleasant, but it helped get my injury healing faster.

So has sitting round a fire chanting for animal spirits to invade your body and “heal you”, just because Chinese medicine has been around for eons doesn’t give it any scientific credence. As far as I’m aware, there’s little to no scientific or medical evidence to substantiate the claims that acupuncture works (beyond the placebo effect). The only studies that have been done on it were heavily biased to make the results look like they showed something they haven’t (which most evidence based medicine practitioners agree). So forgive me for giggling at the idea of placing “science” and “acupuncture” in the same sentence. :slight_smile:

PS: Don’t give up on Western Medicine entirely Another Designer, your future health may depend on it. :wink: