I feel Coding is way easier than Digital Marketing! I'm I right?


Please don’t blame me. This is just my opinion!! Sometimes I feel like coding is easier than SEO (search engine optimization). And even coding is very interesting. Tell me about your opinion.



I don’t know about easier, but it is certainly more interesting



Sometimes things seem difficult because there are many decisions to be made. Sometimes things seem difficult because there is not enough information to make the decisions.

The definition of what is easier is subjective. Something can be difficult for some and easy for others.

What does it matter? Why are you asking?

If you want to be a good programmer then you will need to learn not to make mistakes like “I’m I right”.



No, if you want to be a good programmer then you will learn that you’re going to make mistakes like that.



for me they are intertwined. If i code a certain way it will affect the outcome of the SEO etc. I code with the user in mind.

If you build the foundations strong the rest of the building will hold up well.

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And more honourable. :slight_smile:



Coding is interesting, i don’t feel digital marketing is harder than coding. In coding the advantage is that you can see the code working. but in digital marketing the result are subjected to many factors.



Coding to me is an exact science, immediate results and with no gray areas whereas SEO is trial and error, smoke and mirrors and fingers crossed while waiting for results.



I totally disagree. The implication that a programmer must make mistakes to be a good programmer is silly.

A programmer of software that controls aircraft or cars or financial data or hospitals must be careful. Their success is highly dependent on the avoidance of mistakes.



My response to that is “A programmer that believes he has made no mistakes is too arrogant to notice the mistakes he has made.”

I did not say that the mistakes would not be corrected. This is why code review and testing exists.

If it compiles correctly the first time, you get worried.



For me the two aren’t separate. Write valid semantic HTML, have well written useful content, and SEO pretty much takes care of itself.

As @John_Betong has posted, what constitutes best practice HTML is well established. It may take a while to get from being able to write “OK” HTML to writing “perfect” HTML, indeed, improving one’s skill never stops if one is to keep up with changes. But everything one needs to know can usually be found with a quick search for documentation.

What makes SEO more difficult is that how it works is not well documented and many of the purported “facts” are based on unscientific conjecture.



yeah you can say that But seo is also very interesting if you learn how to do it ,



Why is it more interesting?



In my deem, digital marketing is interesting. It also depends on your level of interest and expertise, as it allows you to choose topics of your own choice. It is kind of module that best suit your own interest. It is easier as there are a lot of social media choices like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn and many more others.
Additional information, Coding and digital marketing are two different fields.Marketing needs to be done consistently, whereas a set amount of time is required for coding .